Aaron Carter Reveals He's Given His Family The Cold Shoulder In The Wake Of Their 'False' Suicide Concerns

aaron carter
Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Ever since Aaron Carter feuded with his brother, Nick, over the former's DUI arrest earlier this summer, things have only gotten worse among the members of the Carter family.

In a new interview with X17 Online, Aaron revealed that his fanbase is more of a family to him than his actual blood relatives.

"I don't really have a relationship really with my family," the 29-year-old singer told bystanders Tuesday just after leaving Sony Records in New York City.

"This is my family, that's my family that you saw — looks pretty good doesn't it?" he asked X17's reporter, pointing to the fans gathered around him. "People can stop talking negative stuff already."

Aaron had touched on the issue earlier this week during an encounter with a Splash photographer Monday, saying he only speaks to his mother nowadays because his other kin don't have his best interests in mind.

As you may recall, authorities were called to Aaron's house three times in 24 hours last week over concerns that he'd relapse, hurt himself, or even commit suicide. At least one of said calls reportedly came from a member of Aaron's own family, which, according to him, was a whole bunch of BS.

"I produce my music, I write my music, so that's what I'm focusing on — not false allegations," Aaron explained. "You know what I mean? That's what it is. It's gonna happen, but all I ask is, when I'm trying to get back up on my feet, don't try to sweep me off my feet."

You can watch that interview over on TMZThink Aaron's right to cut toxic relationships out of his life, or does he need all the support he can get nowadays?

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