This Is How Blac Chyna Is Getting Sweet Revenge On Rob Kardashian

blac chyna and rob kardashian
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At this stage in their ever-escalating feud, we're confident in saying that even the most hormonal teenagers can handle breakups better than Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

As if the restraining order against her ex-fiancĂ© wasn't enough, Chyna is reportedly taking even more revenge on Rob by refusing to return some ultra-expensive jewelry he sent her just before his R-rated Instagram implosion.

According to unnamed insiders who spoke with TMZ, Rob had a jeweler bring seven pieces of jewelry — worth $250,000 total — to Chyna's house a few days before his meltdown. (In his since-deleted posts, Rob indicated that he and Chyna have been hooking up for a while even though they weren't officially dating anymore.) The jeweler then left all seven pieces of bling at Chyna's house so she could take some time to decide which one to keep. 

But since Rob went on his tirade and leaked nude photos of Chyna on July 5, Chyna's only returned three of the pieces to the jeweler, allegedly keeping a ring and three bracelets for herself. All together, the pieces that Chyna is "holding hostage" are worth $125,000. 

As things currently stand, the jeweler has reportedly asked Chyna to return the pieces several times, but his or her pleas have fallen on deaf ears — and in a particularly petty move, Chyna wore the three bracelets to court on Monday when she got a restraining order against Rob.

Chyna, however, claims she isn't doing anything wrong by keeping the jewelry. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told TMZ that Rob gave Chyna all seven pieces as a gift, and that she has no obligation to return any of them. (We can't imagine Rob was too thrilled upon hearing that reasoning.)

In summation: What. A. Mess. 

Who do YOU think is in the right here? 

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