Justin Bieber Just CREEPED On A 'Bachelor In Paradise' Contestant's Instagram Account & She Couldn't Care Less

justin bieber bachelor in paradise
@J14Magazine and @daniellelombard on Twitter

Justin Bieber's got some time to kill now that his "Purpose" World Tour has come to an early end, so he's doing the one thing everyone does when they're bored AF: Going DEEP into his "Explore" tab on Instagram in hopes of finding a new fling.

(Spoiler alert: It's not going very well so far.)

According to Refinery29, a since-deactivated Bieber fan account just exposed the 23-year-old singer for liking a picture posted by one-time Bachelor in Paradise contestant Danielle Lombard. (You know, the one who was unceremoniously dumped by Dean Unglert on the show's season finale.)

It looks like the Biebs was lurking hard on Danielle's account, given the fact that the photo in question (below) was uploaded by her on August 17. 

👀 👀 👀

Unfortunately for the Biebs, though, it looks like Danielle has more important things to do than think about romance right now: When one BIP fan told her about Justin's show of interest on Twitter Monday night, she just laughed it off via emojis.


The pop star's latest attempt to find love on the 'gram comes nearly month to the day when he got called out for sliding into a gym's DMs in pursuit of its attractive receptionist.

Maybe the third time's the charm...? Better set those accounts to "public," ladies!

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