Mary J. Blige Says Donald Trump Is Racist And Speaks About Women 'Viciously'

Mary J. Blige Says Donald Trump Is Racist And Speaks About Women 'Viciously'
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Mary J. Blige isn't sugar-coating her feelings about President Donald Trump.

While promoting the movie Mudbound at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday, Blige — who openly supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign — spoke bluntly about the country's new commander in chief.

"I just really can’t support this. It is what it is," she said onstage at in front of a large crowd. "He speaks about women viciously. Just racist. It makes me emotional, I haven’t been this emotional all day."

As The Huffington Post pointed out, hundreds of marches were held around the world the day after Trump's inauguration. 

Blige is hoping that sort of solidarity will help America survive the next four years and beyond. "My hopes are that this brings us together as people, period," she continued. "Not as a people, not as black people ... but as people, and understand that the only thing that’s going to make anything change is for us to love each other."I hope that it brings us all together and helps uplift us rather than break us." 

Mary said it best, "no more drama" and we couldn't agree more!

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