Sheree Whitfield Makes A Decision About Bob In This Gut-Wrenching 'RHOA' Teaser

Sheree Whitfield Makes A Decision About Bob In This Gut-Wrenching 'RHOA' Teaser
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After Sheree Whitfield confronted Bob about his alleged physical abuse in Maui on last week's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the fate of their entire relationship seemed to hang in the balance. 

"I always said that he was like a Jekyll and Hyde," Sheree said of her ex-husband, who had joked about said spousal abuse during the same episode. "The funny one, he’s nice, I like him. But there’s two sides. There’s a bad side — a dark side—a frightening side to Bob."

Since then, RHOA fans have been anxiously wondering if that dark side will completely overshadow all the good times they've had together. Bob ended up apologizing for his abuse jokes on Wednesday, writing in a blog post that he was wrong to make "trivial the abuse of HER in front of the world."

"I allowed truth, comedy and conjecture to convey an image of myself that I would never condone," Bob wrote. "I know how emotionally charged anger can inflict damage to someone you hold dear. My mockery is shameful and no longer funny. ... I laugh because it feels better than crying. However, I must cry for forgiveness."

But we're not so sure that Bob's mea culpa will do him any favors at this point, because Sheree delivers her decision on their relationship in this Sunday's RHOA episode — and based on the show's latest teaser, her choice was anything but easy.

"I want you to have some remorse for what the f*ck you did. That's what I want you to have," Sheree tearfully tells Bob as they sit alone together. "You just came back like you were there the day before. And that hurt me, Bob. Hurt my kids."

When Bob struggles to respond to her, Sheree delivers the death blow to their relationship: "I've been content with it for 10 years. You haven't done anything in 10 years since we separated."

And just like that, it's officially over for good. You can see the full clip here, or catch the full episode on Sunday on Bravo.

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