5 Signs Your Contouring Obsession Has Gotten Out Of Control

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Moisturizer, foundation, highlighter, contour, blend, and set — you know the drill. Most of our daily beauty routines involve a few basic contouring techniques: a dash of bronzer here and there, a little contour under our cheekbones, top it off with some highlighter, and we’re ready to go. But do you ever find yourself tempted to color outside the lines a bit, so to speak? Do you make even Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian look like amateurs? Check out these five videos of people whose obsessions with contouring might’ve gotten just a little bit out of control — because, for real, does the back of your neck really need to be a part of your makeup routine? Step away from the contour palette — I repeat, step away from the contour palette!

1. You thinking contouring your calves is a fine substitute for leg day. 

Spoiler alert: Not really.

2. You use half of your highlighting palette on the back of your neck.


But like… why…?

3. Your abs wash off in the pool.


Maybe just do a few sit-ups instead?

4. You spend more time contouring your cleavage than your cheekbones.

Let Kylie Jenner’s boob contouring fail be a lesson for us all.

5. Your contouring routine now includes your ears. 


Yet another contouring trend inspired by Kylie, of course.

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