WATCH: Police Haul Limp Woman Off Delta Flight; Witness Says She Might Have Been Tasered

WATCH: Police Haul Limp Woman Off Delta Flight; Witness Says She Might Have Been Tasered
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She refused to walk out so police dragged her out!

Video of a limp woman being dragged off of a Delta Air Lines flight at the Detroit Metro Airport on Monday morning has went viral. 

Apparently, the woman was asked to exit the aircraft for failing to "comply with boarding and baggage check procedures" at the gate, Delta said in a statement. One witness described her as "mouthy" and said she had a "huge attitude."

Airport police, who were called when the woman refused to exit the plane, can be seen hauling her through the plane's aisle by her legs and wrists in a video filmed by another passenger:

"Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground," a witness told a travel blogger. "Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a Taser."

The NY Daily News reported that the woman was arrested shortly after she was removed from the plane, which left for San Diego after a brief delay. 

The airport said charges are pending, though it's not clear what sort of charges the woman might face.

On Tuesday, a Delta spokesperson released the following statement:

"Delta flight 2083 DTW to SAN incurred a slight departure delay due to a passenger not complying with boarding and baggage check procedures. The passenger was removed by local law enforcement and the flight was able to continue without further incident."

As Complex noted, Delta did *not* contact police when a man called female passengers "Hillary b*tches" during one of its flights in November — though after enough people called Delta out via social media, the airline said he "will never again be allowed on a Delta plane" again.

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